As a simulator

If you have a lack of snow to ski on or that you are not used to skiing the Nordic SkiCrosser will help you a lot with technique, balance and coordination.

Just the fact that you get your legs in the movement means that the body when poling gets a movement pattern very similar to skiing on snow, the forward movement means that the body’s angle when poling is very similar to that of the practitioner in regular skiing. Even kick double pole and the diagonal skiing requires a balance and coordination in the same way as when skiing on snow, which makes the feeling very similar.

The body’s muscle memory then makes it easier to switch to skiing directly, you can adapt much faster. The machine works all year round, does not depend on weather, surfaces, terrain or anything else that can normally cause problems. The fact that the machine is very similar to the movement when skiing also means that it can take a few minutes before you learn the technique. So give it a few minutes, then you’ll find it’s the ultimate workout.