As a training machine

Nordic SkiCrosser as a training machine: Cross-country skiing is seen as one of the most effective forms of exercise available. Here you train your whole body, arms, torso and legs work simultaneously to push the practitioner forward. In addition to strength and fitness, the training also requires balance and coordination. Nordic SkiCrosser mimics the entire movement pattern, which provides complete training for the whole body. SkiCrosser gives you improved cardio training, overall increased muscle strength, better balance, coordination and stability. Core elements necessary for a body in good shape.

Nordic SkiCrosser is perfect for the gym but also a tool for home training. The machine is for anyone who likes really good training.

Variable resistance

Nordic SkiCrosser requires both body strength and endurance. You can choose resistance depending on the goal of your training, a high resistance provides more strength training while lighter weight to get more endurance training.

One of the most important strengths you will build is your core strength. You need not only to hold your technique together, but also to coordinate movements with the upper and lower body.

Oxygen uptake, Vo2 Max

Cross-country skiers are known to have an extremely good oxygen uptake capacity. The reason is that when the whole body is forced to interact while working with balance and coordination, all muscle groups are activated at the same time, this increases the demand for oxygen and blood circulation in the body.

Stability and balance

Skiing is not only about strength and cardio training, but also about stability, balance and coordination. Stability and balance training have a huge effect on the body’s smaller muscles, which is also good in everyday life to provide strength and prevent injuries. With Nordic SkiCrossern you get a unique balance and coordination training.