The idea of Nordic Skicrosser was to develop a cross trainer that would mimic as much as possible the movement of classic cross-country skiing.  The development started back in 2012 but took off further in 2017 when the company Motiofy AB was founded. SkiCrossern has since been optimized gradually based on feedback from gyms and elite skiers.


Two of the most prototypes built can be seen in the pictures below.

Så här såg maskinen ut i mars 2017

This is what the machine looked like in March 2017. The machine has since been evaluated by several gyms and elite skiers to get the most optimal product possible.

Mars 2018 och den första oficiella prototypen som fått arbetsnamnet ”SKITECH PRO”

March 2018 and the first oficiella prototype given the working title “SKITECH PRO” are now beginning to look like a professional training equipment. The trend has continued to become a Nordic SkiCrosser.