This IS the Skicrosser

The SkiCrosser provides a movement like skiing where arms, torso and legs together drive a resistance. The patented technology offers the entire movement pattern, diagonal, poling, kick double pole and provides a fun challenge, just like when skiing on snow.

The product

Nordic SkiCrossern comes with slightly different options. For those who want to get the absolute best skiing feeling, it is possible to train with ski boots and get maximum drive and contact with the ski.

If you do not want to use boots, it also works well to use a stand-plate to train with regular trainers.  Bindings and standing plate are mounted with click brackets so it is easy to change in between as desired.


The machine also comes with a display that measures time, speed, distance, calories consumed and has an interval function where you choose remotely, number of repetitions and rest in between.

The resistance

The resistance in poles and skis can be adjusted in several different ways and thus adapted to skiers and training purposes. Skis and poles drive a flywheel that is braked by a brake band. The braking power of the strap is adjusted with weights.

The ratio of resistance between skis and poles can be set as desired by varying the gear ratio in between. Lighter leg movement provides heavier poling and vice versa. Resistance for leg kick forward and backward does not have to be the same, but can also be set as desired, such as a heavier front kick and lighter leg kick.

Displayen på Nordic Skicrosser
Skicrosser med Amanda
Nordic SkiCrosser Product
DimensionerNordic SkiCrosser
Bredd61 cm (24″)
Djup190 cm (75″)
Höjd222 cm (87″)
Vikt106 kg (234 lbs)
Max vikt130 kg (287 lbs)